Andréa [Lamb] Sanderson

I was born a multi-generational native to Arizona and a deeply rooted farming family.  I grew up learning about hard work and life as only farm life can teach.  I've always been an artist, drawing and coloring so many pictures my parents had to start throwing them away.  It was in high school that I was first introduced to the idea of graphic design, however, little did I know then, that it would become a passion.

I attended Grand Canyon University and graduated Manga Cum Lade with a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design.

I left my beautiful home state to take a job in the great state of Texas as a Head Graphic Designer at Pine Cove. I am now a freelance contractor serving as the Senior Graphic Designer at Holt Creative Group as well as freelancing on my own as Andrea Lamb Designs.

I am highly experienced in branding, illustration, web design, and of course... print design. My other passions include hand lettering, watercoloring, painting, traveling, watching movies, and playing with my two sweet pups.